Valentine’s Day Trail Ride


DSC_0152Blow the winter dust off those saddles, bundle up your sweetheart and come for an afternoon ride on the trails surrounding Miracle Meadows.  Finish up with a Pot Luck dinner at the Cabin at Double A Farms.   CVHR is providing the Hamburgers and hot dogs.  Suggested donation $20 and a dish!  Got Children who want to ride?  Bring an extra dish and they ride free!

  • Negative Coggins required at check in.
  • All Riders Must sign waiver.
  • Helmets required for all riders under age 18
  • Shoes – we ride these trails barefoot, however there are rocks in creek crossings.
  • There are water crossings.
  • We will reschedule for rain.
  • Water and Tea will be provided with dinner.

Eventbrite - Valentines Day Ride

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Beautiful Bracelets




Thank you to Ajakai Hassler for making and donating these beautiful bracelets.  She makes them for different animal rescues and donates them.  We are going to make them available for $5 each.  If you put your color preference in the notes section, I will try to send it but I will not guarantee it.

These are stretchy bracelets with a horse charm.

Bracelets are $5 each and you can order as many as you like!

IMG_1118 IMG_1119

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Resi-dopt a Horse

Resi-dopt has the benefits of horse ownership without the commitment of time and funds.

Resi-dopt has the benefits of horse ownership without the commitment of time and funds.


Have you always wanted a horse but don’t have the time or money to really take care of them every day?  Do you want to teach your children or grandchildren about horses but don’t want to make a commitment to own a horse yet?   Resi-dopt might be for you!

For a variety of reasons, we are just not comfortable placing some of our horses in their own homes.  They may have special needs or they may be used in our programs.  For whatever reason, they still need love and attention by a special person.  We would like to offer our supporters a chance to interact with their own special horse.

The Resi-doption fee is minimal and Resi-dopters are encouraged to visit the horse and spend time providing their care such as grooming, training and even riding if the horse rides.  The fees help CVHR provide care for that resident and allow our focus to be on the more critical horses in our care.

Resi-dopters are given first choice in adopting the horse if it is ever made available for adoption although they would still have to meet all of our requirements.   If you have a special needs child or a child with a terminal illness, please contact us as we can work with you to make their dream of horse ownership come true.

Resi-dopt Fees:

Resi-dopt Plan 1 -  $50 per month allows you to visit the farm once per week to visit and care for your horse.  This is the recommended plan for our non-riding horses and miniature horses.

Resi-dopt Plan 2 – $100 per month allows you to visit the farm once per week to visit, care for and ride your horse.     The horse you select needs to be appropriate for your size and experience and of course, must be rideable.

Resi-dopt Plan 3 – $150 per month allows you to visit the farm twice per week to visit, care for and ride your horse.     The horse you select needs to be appropriate for your size and experience and of course, must be rideable.

Resi-dopt  Plan 4 -  $250 per month allows you to visit the farm at any time to visit, care for your horse and ride if your horse is rideable. The horse you select needs to be appropriate for your size and experience and of course, must be rideable.

Our horses who are available for adoption or in rehab may be available for this program and Resi-dopters will be given first opportunity  when they are made available but the Resi-dopter will still have to meet all of our other requirements for adoption.  If you Resi-dopt an available horse, that horse will still stay available for adoption.

Are you interested?  Please email for more info and to set up an appointment to meet our horses and decide which would be best for you.

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2015 Central Virginia Horse Rescue Calendar

UPDATE:  We are placing a second order so are taking orders through 12/13/14.  These will NOT be ready for Christmas.  You can place your orders below! 

We are ready to begin taking orders for out 2015 Calendar.  This years calendar features a variety of images of both our adopted horses and some of the horses here at the rescue.  We hope that you will enjoy it. You can click on the button below to order!


Our calendar is a celebration of the past year as well as a nod to the next one.  We hope that the pictures and stories of our horses will brighten your days.  The calendar itself is $19.95 and shipping is $3.35 per calendar.   We need to have orders in by 11/20/14 so that we can ship them before Christmas.

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We will purchase this mare and her foal

We will purchase this mare and her foal


Will purchase this mare and foal

We would like to purchase these two mares and their foals.  If the owners of these horses will contact us, we need a bill of sale and the horses brought down off the mountain. We will pay up to $500 per pair for them.    No questions will be asked, names will never be released, we just want to see these horses in good homes before winter comes.

You can call me at 434-774-6607 or email

To others who would like to help, please read:

Mine Horse FAQ

Coal Mine Horses

And please sign the petition.

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Brunswick County Feral Horses

Feral horses living on Brunswick County Farm

Feral horses living on Brunswick County Farm

Over a year ago, we were made aware of a group of feral horses living on a farm in Brunswick County. We were called in by the VA State police and animal control because the horses had left their pasture and were out in the road.  We caught one of the stallions who had remained out when the others returned to their pasture and brought him to the rescue. Some of you might remember Maverick.

The picture above is the horses that remained on the farm.  Last Thursday, they got out in the road again and the State Troopers and Animal Control called us again to come and pick them up.  So far we have successfully gotten the little stallion in the front.

Little Big Man

Little Big Man

Little Big Man has an appointment with the vet tomorrow to lose his manhood.  After which he will be available for adoption.

The other three are mares and are just lovely.  One is an older TB mare and her yearling and weanling daughter.  Pictures to follow once we have been able to round them up.  From what we have learned of their story, their owners moved to Nova Scotia two years ago and of the 70 horses they had most were taken away.  We have heard rumors that they were taken to slaughter but have no way of verifying that.  Three or four of the horses could not be caught and that is where our little herd came from.  They have been living on this 72 acre farm for 2 years with no care.  They are in good condition considering although their feet have suffered in some cases.



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Mine Horses

Poster Child ~ What will your future hold?

Poster Child ~ What will your future hold?

When I worked for Intuit during every management training event, we were asked to draw and document a lifeline.  It is a bar graph that documents every life changing or defining event in your lifetime.  I hated it because I don’t like to go back and dwell on all the mistakes I have made but I did it often enough that I now recognize those moments that are life changing.  The kind of events that will alter the way that you will live the rest of your life.  We all have them, maybe it’s a marriage or a divorce, the birth of a child but there is that wake up call that says, “ Pay Attention, this is important!”

The first one I had that relates to my rescue life was the time I spent in Louisiana after Katrina. For so many reasons, it changed my life.  It re-awakened the spark that made me want to start a horse rescue.  It made me so much more aware of the challenges involved.  It pointed out the good and the bad in our society in so many ways.



Yesterday was the second one.  Walking on that mine and touching those horses and then walking away and leaving them there was a life changing experience.  It’s different you know when you know that a horse is in need but you can’t see it, touch it, feel it’s warm breath on your shoulder.  They are shadows and they hover in the back of your mind but to touch them makes them real.  They aren’t shadows on your soul, they are huge bleeding, aching gashes in it.  I know that what I did was the right thing for thousands of horses but it left those I touched to an unknown fate.  They are the poster children.  They changed the abandoned mine horses from a vague and disputed rumor, a number on someone’s spreadsheet to a real, living breathing, beautiful horse that is suffering.



The faces in our albums and the pictures that we share may help people to understand their plight.  They may help to educate the people who are close to them and who can help them.  Perhaps they may touch the heart of the legislators and the land owners who hold their future in their hands.   Their faces may even start a revolution.  They may inspire some of you to act, to write a letter, to talk to your neighbors, to call your own congressman because surely these gentle, majestic animals capture our hearts and deserve better than to be left to the ravages of winter on a mine.

Will he make it through the winter?

Will he make it through the winter?

I don’t know yet how it will change my life.  I don’t know if it will be a big change or a small one.  I pray that it will be the right one.

Cindy at CVHR

So What Can You Do?

Right now we would like to have emergency legislation enacted that would allow approved rescues to go in and remove those few horses who are injured or seriously at risk.
We would like to have legislation enacted that would allow the land and mine companies to work with approved rescues to reduce the population of horses on the mines by gelding stallions and colts to stop reproduction and to identify the herds and determine which are at risk.  We would like to start a database of rescues nationwide who would be able to take in one or more of these horses.  We would like to develop flyers and pamphlets that would help to educate the local populations on the dangers that these horses face and why so many die over the winters.  We need to enlist and train local people who can start to catalog and document these horses.  We need to train teams who can work with the horses in emergencies and develop protocols for handling them.

If you think that you can help with any of these, please contact Tinia Creamer at Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue or myself.

Today you can sign the petition at Change.Org to bring this to the Governor’s attention.



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Levi and Pockets

Levi and Pockets

Levi and Pockets

We are going to be taking Pockets and Levi to Virginia Tech for evaluation for their liver issues.  These two boys came from Camelot in the spring and despite our best efforts have failed to gain weight.  We have run a series of blood tests and they are showing consistently bad liver enzymes.  We have changed their diet over the past few months without good results.  Virginia Tech will do a liver biopsy, an abdominal ultrasound, check for ulcers, check their small intestines for damage.    The estimate for diagnoses is $400 -$500 per horse.  If you would like to help out with their care, please click below


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Colt Starting Clinic with Scott Purdum

Scott Purdum Advantage Horsemanship

Scott Purdum Advantage Horsemanship

Have a Colt You Want to Start?

We are very excited to be partnering with Scott Purdum and Advantage Horsemanship to have a Colt Starting Clinic at our Emporia Barn on 9/25-28.  The cost for this 4 day clinic is $475 per horse.  Riders of any age can participate but you must be able to walk, trot and canter on your horse. By the end of the clinic, you will be walk, trot and cantering on YOUR HORSE!!    Auditors are welcome for a $10 donation.

Want a Colt to Start?

We decided to have this clinic because we have so many unstarted horses at the rescue right now.  This will give our trainer an opportunity to start one of them.  We also want to offer the opportunity to anyone who might want to adopt one of our horses to  take it through the clinic so we are offering our unstarted horses available for adoption with the Colt Starting Clinic included in the price.  You can see our unstarted horses here.   You do have to complete an application and be approved prior to the clinic in order to adopt. You can find our adoption application on our adoption page. 


For More Info

If you would be interested in sponsoring a horse for training, please contact Cindy at

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please send an email to

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ASPCA Offers $5000 Matching Funds Grant

ASPCA is offering Central Virginia Horse Rescue a $5000 Matching Fund Grant to build 5 run in sheds and fencing after the tornado on July 10th ripped the roof off of our Courtland Barn.  This damage displaced 10 horses that are now incorporated into our Brodnax and Emporia location.

In order to qualify for the Matching Funds Grant, donations must be specifically for the Run in Sheds and fencing.  Checks have to be marked Run In Shed Project, Paypal donations must have it noted or be donated through our Fundrazr below.  We have to raise the entire $5000 or we do not get a penny of the grant and we have to raise it within 90 days.

Our initial budget for just the 5 run ins not including any paddock fencing was $8500 total but lumber prices have gone up a bit so I think we are going to go with a less expensive, functional but much less pretty option for $7500. Lumber prices fluctuate quite a bit over just a few months. The projected cost for fence posts, fencing, gates, etc for the first about 25 acres is $8158. The total for the entire project is $15658

You can send a check to CVHR Run In Shed Project, 389 Boydton Plank Road, Brodnax, VA 23920  or donate through the fundraiser below!!  (Note:  The fundrazr ends before the matching grant challenge ends.  We will continue in extended time.)

Please help us to make a safe home for our horses! Central Virginia Horse Rescue is a 501c3 non profit that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and slaughterbound horses. CVHR receives no government funding and is totally run on donations!

Please consider a donation to help us take care of our horses! Thank you!!

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