Colt Starting Clinic with Scott Purdum

Scott Purdum Advantage Horsemanship

Scott Purdum Advantage Horsemanship

Have a Colt You Want to Start?

We are very excited to be partnering with Scott Purdum and Advantage Horsemanship to have a Colt Starting Clinic at our Emporia Barn on 9/25-28.  The cost for this 4 day clinic is $475 per horse.  Riders of any age can participate but you must be able to walk, trot and canter on your horse. By the end of the clinic, you will be walk, trot and cantering on YOUR HORSE!!    Auditors are welcome for a $10 donation.

Want a Colt to Start?

We decided to have this clinic because we have so many unstarted horses at the rescue right now.  This will give our trainer an opportunity to start one of them.  We also want to offer the opportunity to anyone who might want to adopt one of our horses to  take it through the clinic so we are offering our unstarted horses available for adoption with the Colt Starting Clinic included in the price.  You can see our unstarted horses here.   You do have to complete an application and be approved prior to the clinic in order to adopt. You can find our adoption application on our adoption page. 


For More Info

If you would be interested in sponsoring a horse for training, please contact Cindy at

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please send an email to

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ASPCA Offers $5000 Matching Funds Grant

ASPCA is offering Central Virginia Horse Rescue a $5000 Matching Fund Grant to build 5 run in sheds and fencing after the tornado on July 10th ripped the roof off of our Courtland Barn.  This damage displaced 10 horses that are now incorporated into our Brodnax and Emporia location.

In order to qualify for the Matching Funds Grant, donations must be specifically for the Run in Sheds and fencing.  Checks have to be marked Run In Shed Project, Paypal donations must have it noted or be donated through our Fundrazr below.  We have to raise the entire $5000 or we do not get a penny of the grant and we have to raise it within 90 days.

Our initial budget for just the 5 run ins not including any paddock fencing was $8500 total but lumber prices have gone up a bit so I think we are going to go with a less expensive, functional but much less pretty option for $7500. Lumber prices fluctuate quite a bit over just a few months. The projected cost for fence posts, fencing, gates, etc for the first about 25 acres is $8158. The total for the entire project is $15658

You can send a check to CVHR Run In Shed Project, 389 Boydton Plank Road, Brodnax, VA 23920  or donate through the fundraiser below!!  (Note:  The fundrazr ends before the matching grant challenge ends.  We will continue in extended time.)

Please help us to make a safe home for our horses! Central Virginia Horse Rescue is a 501c3 non profit that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and slaughterbound horses. CVHR receives no government funding and is totally run on donations!

Please consider a donation to help us take care of our horses! Thank you!!

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Tornado Damage at the Courtland Barn

Tornado Damage at Courtland

Tornado Damage at Courtland

The barn in Courtland sustained significant damage to the roof today due to what is believed to be a tornado.  We are very thankful that no humans or horses were hurt.  We have moved the horses to other locations and will be making decisions about the Courtland location over the next few days.

At this time, we do not know what our specific needs are from the damage other than trying to find places for the horses long term.  Tomorrow will be a new day and we should know more then.  Our focus today was to get the horses moved to safety and taken care of.

Channel 13 did come out and do a story about the damage tonight, and you can see it here.

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Bonnie Jo


Bonnie Jo 2014

Bonnie Jo 2014

Bonnie Jo 2014

Bonnie Jo was a local owner surrender.  I was contacted by two local people and told that her owners were moving and could not take her with them.  At that time, we believed her to be in her 20s.

Bonnie Jo  - October 2013

Bonnie Jo – October 2013

When we arrived we were shocked by her condition.  We pretty quickly determined that she was a 12 yr old Appaloosa mare that was broke to ride and had been ridden by children in her past.    We had her teeth floated and put her on a rehab diet.

By January 2014, Bonnie Jo had gained enough weight and been evaluated for adoption  She was adopted quickly and went to her new home.  The day that her adopter picked her up from the rescue, she had a bit of a runny eye.  We were not overly concerned about it as it had not ever bothered her before.  She went to her new home where she got progressively worse.  The vet was called in and she was diagnosed with ulcers.  The next few months were a series of vet visits, scrapings, eye treatments and several times a day drops and meds.  When the ulcers were finally cleared up and Bonnie was put into training, she started to be very resistant to riding and new things.

We believe that this is an issue with her vision and Bonnie Jo was returned to the rescue so that we can address her continuing eye issues.  We are currently treating her for a fungal infection in her left eye but she is also having intermittent iflammation in her right eye.

Bonnie Jo needs sponsors to help us heal her and determine what her future will be. Please consider a monthly donation towards her care.  Bonnie Jo’s care is going to be $350 per month including all of her feed, farrier, vaccines, and medicines for her eyes along with ongoing vet visits.

Bonnie Jo Sponsorships

You can also select your own monthly amount through Donate Now or make a one time donation to Bonnie Jo’s care.  Please be sure to select Once or Monthly!


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2014 CVHR Birthday Bash and Trail Obstacle Challenge

1385236_652802628077930_1283286835_nIt’s that time of the year again and CVHR is turning 4.  We are having our annual Birthday Bash at Hunters Hollow, Emporia, VA on July 19th, 2014 from 9 am until  4 pm.  Along with our normal festivities, vendors, tack swap, etc, we are also hosting a Trail Obstacle Challenge.    The Trail Challenge will be from 8-12 obstacles that you may or may not see out on the trail.  Horses will be judged on how well they maneuver through the obstacle.   We will have 4 divisions:  Lead Line (any age), Junior (6-18), Novice (Never won a trail challenge), Open.   We will also have awards for:  High Scoring Rescue Horse in any division; High Scoring Adult Rider with a helmet; Best Dressed Rider; Best Dressed Horse; Best Costume; Funniest Costume.

We have primitive camping (no hook ups) available on Friday night, a light dinner and then mounted games in the arena.  Saturday morning the Trail Challenge will begin at 9 am.  Breakfast and lunch will be available on the grounds.  Awards will be held at 1 pm or after the scoring is completed.

Download Registration form here: Trail Challenge Registration


We are looking for sponsors for our divisions.  We would love to promote your business for you to our participants and spectators.  Please consider supporting a great cause and becoming a sponsor.  All levels of sponsorship are available.   Download Sponsorship form here:  Sponsorship letter


Vendors are welcome.  You need to pre-register.  Please bring your own table, chairs and canopy!  Only one vendor per product type or direct sales will be allowed so please check first.  You can call Cindy at 434-774-6607 to check availability.   Vendor Registration


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Sponsor a Foal at CVHR

On April 23rd, a foal was born at CVHR to a mare who had been on fescue and was emaciated.  The birth was very difficult and the mare rejected the foal.  Because this mare has had chronic malnutrition through her life and being semi feral  forcing her to take it would require her to be sedated and twitched until she accepted it, we decided to pull the foal and raise it as an orphan.

China Doll 166

China Doll


Raising a baby foal as an orphan is not something that is done lightly.  Health wise it is usually better for the foal to get milk from it’s mother.  It is also better for them socially to grow up with the love and discipline from a loving mamma.  Sometimes, however, it is not possible for the baby to nurse it’s mother.  In China’s case we believe we made the right decision.

We would like to make sure that China has a companion to grow up with so we have been looking at Nurse mare foals.  Nurse mare foals are orphans because their mamma has gone to raise another baby.  There mamma was bred specifically for this purpose.  We have found a group of foals locally but in order to bring them to the rescue, they would have to have sponsors.  It costs approximately $250-300 per month to care for these babies.

If you are interested in sponsoring a foal, you can click on either the paypal link or the Network for Good link below or you can send a check to CVHR, 389 Boydton Plank Road, Brodnax, VA 23920.

Rescue Angel
Angel in honor of


Or donate through Network for Good!


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The CVHR Trailride at Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm

It’s only 9 days until the trail ride at the beautiful Millstone Farm!

Here is a link to the CVHR Trail Ride Registration  If you have questions or need information please call  Vickie Pollock 804-356-2182 or email

CVHR Benefit Trail Ride at Millstone Farm. $35 per rider includes lunch and a just-for-fun obstacle course! $10 for non-riders lunch.


This is a beautiful venue and we are lucky to have access to it for the ride. This is a day ride, there will be no camping facilities on site. Multiple trails to choose from, short or long, all with easy footing.

  • Vendors, Silent auction and a for-fun obstacle course!
  • Gates open at 8 am and riders need to be in at 3 pm.
  • Helmets are required by the landowner.
  • We will be serving a delicious lunch of spaghetti and salad.
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Play Sling Bean

Sling Beans

Sling Beans

Are you ready to play “SLING” BEAN?
For a GREAT Cause: to Buy CVHR a necessary Sling to support Horses that cannot stand on their own. We encountered this issue with Little Irish this week and saw first hand how important this Sling is.  While Irish was small enough to use a stall guard temporarily most horses wouldn’t be.

Lifted in a sling to keep her standing.

Lifted in a sling to keep her standing.

$5 a guess: Without going over, guess how many Jelly beans are in this 1 Gallon Pickle Jar. Clues: There is one large Egg containing a $50 bill and 5 types of varying “tasty Jelly beans. Winner gets the BIG egg and ALLLLL the jelly beans. The contest will continue until $1500 has been raised.

Send your GUESS, your $$… along with your name shipping address to: OR CVHR, 389 Boydton Plank Road, Brodnax, VA 23920

Thank you for playing Sling Bean! Answer will be posted tomorrow!!

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Senior Horse Care & Feeding

Far too often, I hear the words “It is skinny because it is old.”   We have taken in many Senior horses, some in their mid to late 20s with no teeth and rehabilitated them in a matter of months.  Is it inexpensive?  No, it is not but then horses are not cheap.

Indy came to us on 7/5 with a body score of 1.  5 months later,  body score of 6.   Cost per month: $135 in Sr feed/Alfalfa cubes.  Maintenance:  $100 per month Sr feed/Hay

Indy 25 yr + TWH came to us on 7/5 with a body score of 1. 5 months later, body score of 6. Recovery Cost per month: $135 in Sr feed/Alfalfa cubes. Maintenance: $100 per month Sr feed/Hay

Dusty came to us 12/30/13, a body score of 1 and so weak she could barely walk. Dusty is a body score of 2 now and steadily gaining.  Recovery Cost per month:  $150 Sr Feed/Alfalfa

Dusty(25 yr old+ quarter horse) came to us 12/30/13, a body score of 1 and so weak she could barely walk. Dusty is a body score of 2 now and steadily gaining. Recovery Cost per month: $150 Sr Feed/Alfalfa

Imp, body score 1, Age 25+ came to us 10/30/13.  On 2/1/14, he is a body score of 3 and gaining.  Recovery cost per month:  $125  for Sr feed/Alfalfa  Blend hay

Imp, body score 1, Age 25+ TB came to us 10/30/13. On 2/1/14, he is a body score of 3 and gaining. Recovery cost per month: $125 for Sr feed/Alfalfa Blend hay

The bottom line is that these horses simply needed an appropriate type of feed and enough that they could gain/maintain.  At the rescue we feed them 2% of what their body weight should be per day in SR feed and soaked alfalfa.  Our ratio is 50% alfalfa cubes soaked and 50% SR or  in most cases, 10 lbs of SR per day, 10 lbs of Alfalfa cubes for most horses.  This generally results in them gaining 100 lbs per month through recovery.  Some of them we then have to reduce significantly to keep them from gaining too much.   The cost to maintain these horses in good weight should be between $100-$125 per month in Senior feed.

In almost every case of SR starvation, we were told that the horses were thin because they were old.   If someone was to put a baby in front of a buffet of food and watch it starve to death, you would put them in jail for abuse even if they told you it was just because it was a baby.   The same holds true for Senior horses,  you have to feed them age appropriate food and enough of it to give them a chance.   If owners are not going to feed them, then they should at least euthanize them.  It is abuse to watch a horse slowly starve to death even if it has a buffet of food that it cannot eat in front of it.  

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A Little St Patrick’s Day Filly

This filly came to us on St Patrick's Day

This filly came to us on St Patrick’s Day

This little girl apparently has a long history of neglect.  She was rescued by a girl who tried to rehab her and another horse but when that girl lost her job, the horses found themselves abandoned without food again.  When this little girl’s friend went down, the farm owner called a friend.  The other horse was so far gone that she was unresponsive and was euthanized.  This little filly was taken away and after several days in a sling,  CVHR was called.  We picked her up on St Patricks day in the freezing rain.

She made the trip home ok and did fine over night.  On her second night, she lay down in her stall and did not have the strength to get back up.  We managed to get her into a sling and called the vet in.  Her prospects are still good.  She is showing no signs of organ failure caused by refeeding syndrome.  She just needs time and food.

Lifted in a sling to keep her standing.

Lifted in a sling to keep her standing.

This little girl is 13.1 hands and weighs about 400 lbs right now.  She is 3 yrs old and has been malnourished for much of her life but she has a chance now and we will do our best to make sure that she reaches her potential.

Please consider a donation to help out with her care and the care of the 25 other horses that Central Virginia Horse Rescue has in their care.




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