2017 Taste Of Brunswick Obstacle Challenge

October 15, 2017

At Taste of Brunswick Festival
109 Campus Drive, Alberta, VA

Join us for our A Taste of Brunswick  Trail Obstacle Challenge.   The Trail Challenge consists of 6 obstacles such as water crossings, tarps, bridges, mazes, etc.  Horses will be scored on how well they negotiate each one.  Best score, calculated as described in the rules, will determine the winner.  Prizes will be awarded in each category as well as: Best Dressed Horse and Rider, High Scoring Rescue Horse, High Scoring CVHR horse.

Pre-registration is encouraged but we will be taking entries at the gate.  Current Negative Coggins is required. Parking at ring side is limited and over flow parking will be in the parking lot.

Trail class will begin at 10:30 am.   Registration closes at 9:45  You can sign up for your ride time & pick up your score card upon registration.  Special requests honored if possible.  Awards will be presented at approximately 1 pm or as soon as scoring is complete.  Food  will be available on the grounds.

DIVISIONS (Circle One):

  • Lead Line (Under 10) – $15
  • In Hand – $20
  • Junior (6-18) -$20
  • Novice (never won a Trail Challenge) – $35  REDUCED TO $20
  • Open – $35 REDUCED TO $20



A Taste of Brunswick Trail Obstacle Challenge Rules


  1. EVERY person attending the Challenge (participant or observer) is responsible for knowing and abiding by these rules.
  2. SAFETY is first and foremost in this event.  Please be careful.  If your horse gets upset with any obstacle, it is better to pass than to try to force him to do something that will scare him or result in injury to horse or rider.
  3. Please clean up your trailer/camping area before leaving. Do not leave manure.
  4. No Motorized or electric vehicles on the course or within 25 feet of the arena.
  5. Each Rider must pick up their own score card at registration.  No exceptions.  You will not be permitted to access the course and navigate the obstacles without a score card.
  6. Riders under the age of 18 must present the helmet they will wear, while mounted, to registration when they pick up their score card.
  7. No Dogs allowed on course.  All dogs must remain leashed at all times.
  8. The obstacle judges have an obligation to ensure safety.  If a judge determines that a situation is not safe, their word is FINAL.  If a judge asks you to not continue with a particular obstacle, you must obey that request and withdraw.  Arguing with the judge is not allowed and will be grounds for dismissal from the challenge and possibly the grounds
  9. All horses must have some type of bridle and saddle.  Bridleless and bareback is not allowed.
  10. Carry your score card on the course.  It is each rider’s responsibility to present the card to and collect it from each judge.  When your last obstacle is scored the judge will keep your card until the awards ceremony.
  11. Each horse and rider must negotiate the obstacles on their own.  They may not follow another horse through an obstacle.
  12. Riders must stay mounted while negotiating the obstacle.  A dismount will result in a zero score for that obstacle.
  13. Each obstacle has a 60 second time limit.  Please exit when asked, judge will alert you when time is almost up.
  14. Scoring will be based on a scale of 0 to5 with 5 being the best.
    1. Score of 5:  Horse moves willingly toward and through the obstacle with relaxed, forward movements in an unflappable manner.  No hesitation and no obvious encouragement from the rider.
    2. Score of 4:  Horse moves forward willingly with only one or two slight hesitations.  Some subtle encouragement from the rider.
    3. Score of 3:  Horse moves forward but is resistant with a stop or two, looking closely at obstacle.  Obvious encouragement from rider.
    4. Score of 2:  Horse is resistant and unwilling.  Frequent stopping and frequent encouragement from rider.
    5. Score of 1:  Horse is extremely resistant and unwilling, shying at obstacle, backing up, or spinning and unwilling to go forward.  Gets through the obstacle only with continuous encouragement from rider and continuous use of voice and legs.
    6. Score of 0:  Horse is unable to complete obstacle.
  15. In placing classes, Horses that complete all obstacles will be placed ahead of horses that miss any obstacles.  For example; if horse A completes all obstacles with a score of 50 and horse b misses one obstacle with a score of 54, horse A will be placed ahead of horse B.

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