Auction To Adoption Program

Auction to Adoption Program

Central Virginia Horse Rescue believes that any horse at an auction is a horse at risk. These horses are often picked up by horse traders who are looking to make a quick buck by cleaning them up and reselling them or to kill buyers who will hold them at inflated prices for ransom. Even a sale to a private owner can put an auction horse at risk as the horses are often not what they are advertised to be and so, the purchaser ends up with training or veterinary issues which are more than they can handle, and the horse often winds up back at auction. Short circuiting this auction merry go round and the booming kill pen business will help to stop the inhumane practice that line the pockets of unscrupulous individuals at the expense of good people and to the detriment of good horses.

We believe with the right care, training and evaluation that these horses can go on to do almost anything with the right person.  Central Virginia Horse Rescue has a strong record for successful adoptions and we hope that by focusing on this issue that we can get more horses into great homes.

In an ideal situation, we hope to be able to move horses through from Auction to Adoption in 4-6 months.  The first 30-45 days would be isolation and evaluation including resolving any health issues.  The next 30-60 days would be retraining.  And then the final 30-60 days would be for marketing and adoption.   Through out the process, regular updates would be posted and available for interested adopters to check in.   If at any point, we feel that a horse needs more time and attention than we can give it, we will look for training foster partners from the community.

Cost Breakdown to Save 1 healthy horse:

$300 Quarantine fee
$250-350 Transport fees to QT and then to the rescue.
$200-300 Vaccines, farrier, dental  and vet exam
$500 – 600 30 days of training & feed
$1250 Total care for 1 healthy horse

How many horses can we save?  It all depends on people like you! We cannot pull horses if we do not have the money to care for them after the pull.  We give them the best care that we can while they are with us to insure that they find the best of homes possible, please consider joining the team.

Two Auction horses with the Auction to Adoption Program

Auction to Adoption

How Can You Help?

  • If you are looking for an equine partner, check out our available horses to adopt.
  • Share our available horses on social media and with your friends.
  • Become a Rescue Rider – Come to the rescue on a regular basis and volunteer to ride our horses.
  • Join the Auction2Adoption Team by making a monthly donation.  We will base the number of horses we can pull on our monthly income.  .
  • Make a one time donation to the program to pull or to care for a horse.

Auction2Adoption Team


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