Blaze the Wonder Pony

Blaze was purchased at a local auction.  He came to us with a deep wound above his fetlock.  He was described at the auction as having been ridden a couple of times but not really broke.  The Amish man hopped on him in the ring and rode him around a couple of times.

Blaze the wonder pony is available for adoption

Blaze the wonder pony

Blaze is quite simply the most wonderful pony in the world.  He loves everyone and will follow you around like a puppy.  Through all the treatment of his wound, scraping, washing, picking, hosing, etc he was very patient and loving.

While we have not started him under saddle, he has the potential to be a wonderful child’s pony and best friend.  He is not afraid of anything and nothing bothers him.  He has the conformation to be a nice little hunter pony.

Blaze is 3 yrs old and sound.  He has a small scar on his rear fetlock but it’s barely noticeable.  He is good for the farrier, wonderful for the vet and has absolutely no bad habits or vices.

Blaze’s adoption fee is $200.  His value once he has some training?  Priceless

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