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September 19, 2016
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Telephone 434-774-6607


Kenbridge, VA, September 13, 2016 – Central Virginia Horse Rescue announces Blind Faith Sanctuary for Blind Horses. At this time Central Virginia Horse Rescue is home to 6 vision impaired horses. These horses will most likely live out the rest of their lives at the rescue.
Along with providing a sanctuary for the blind horses, there are also plans for a Blind Horse Drill Team and educational seminars on caring for blind horses, causes of blindness in horses, and how to prevent blindness in horses.

Mouse came from a seizure and is blind from Uveitis

Mouse came from a seizure and is blind from Uveitis

“We get calls about blind horses every week,“ said Cynthia Smith, founder of Central Virginia Horse Rescue. “While there is no way that we can help all of them, we hope to create not only a place for those that we can help but also to help educate horse owners about blind horses.”
Blindness in horses can be caused by hereditary defects, injury, or disease, just as it can in humans. It often goes undiagnosed with the only symptoms being reluctance to go from the light into the dark, shying from loud noises that prevent them from locating their herd mates by sound, or perhaps a slight head tilt when they are trying to focus on a noise or movement.
CVHR is currently looking for volunteers to help care for the horses and to do general office duties, grounds maintenance at the Kenbridge farm on Afton Grove Road. Children are welcome to volunteer, however, children under age 15 would need to be accompanied by an adult. Anyone interested in learning more or volunteering should call Cynthia Smith at 434-774-6607.


Please consider a monthly donation to help us care for our blind ones.  Even a small monthly donation helps in a big way!

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About Central Virginia Horse Rescue:
Central Virginia Horse Rescue was founded in 2010. CVHR rescues and rehabilitates abused, neglected, and slaughter-bound horses and then places them in safe, loving homes. We currently have a location in Brodnax, VA and a location in Kenbridge, VA. The farms are home to over 30 horses. Our website is


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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Cynthia Smith at 434-774-6607 or email at

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