Blind Faith Sanctuary for Blind Horses

Blind Faith Sanctuary

Blindness is a growing issue for horses.  More and more often we are seeing blind horses at auctions, feedlots and available through owner surrenders.  Our sanctuary can only help very few horses and those have to be supported through sponsorships and donations.  Blind horses adjust extremely well, can be ridden safely and are not prone to panicking once they are adjusted (generally a process of a few weeks).  They need to have safe fencing, a paddock with few obstacles and regular care.

At this time, all of our sanctuary spots are full and we are not accepting additional blind or resident horses.  

Your sponsorship of these horses allows us to not only care for them but also frees up our resources to care for other horses.  The following horses desperately need sponsors!

These are the blind horses that currently reside at CVHR and are in need of sponsorships:

Cinnamon - Cataracts. Cinnamon is a BLM mustang

Cinnamon – Cataracts. Cinnamon is a BLM mustang

Cinnamon, the BLM mustang came to us from Animal Control where she was picked up as a stray.  We did not realize that she was blind for a month or so.  She is very well adjusted.

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Mouse came from a seizure and is blind from Uveitis

Mouse came from a seizure and is blind from Uveitis

Mouse came to us from a seizure.  She has uveitis and can see very little.  She is only 6 yrs old.

She is very well adjusted and learning to accept and enjoy interaction with people.



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Emmie - Uveitis

Emmie – Uveitis

Emmie came to us from the same seizure as Mouse.  Emmie is partially blind in one eye but can see out of the other.  She has only had 1 outbreak of Uveitis since coming to us.  She is 23 yrs old.

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Shiloh Uveitis

Shiloh Uveitis


Shiloh came to us from Camelot Auction.  He was purchased and then turned down because of his blindness.  He had advanced uveitis and was functionally blind in both eyes.  His eye was removed 2 yrs later when it became increasingly painful.  He is an awesome trail horse.

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