Camelot Feedlot Rescues

Hip # 241 Sarah Andrew

One of our Camelot Rescues

We have on two separate occasions purchased horses from the Camelot NJ Feedlot.  These horses are basically on death row.  They have from Wednesday, the night of the auction, until Saturday at noon to find homes.  Several NJ rescues have banded together and publicize the horses on facebook and several other websites every week.  In order to rescue them from death row, there are hundreds of people who donate money to place the horses in a rescue where they can be adopted out safely.

Three days of every week,  facebook is a scramble of pleas and fundraising.  CVHR has fundraised for several horses that were purchased privately before enough funds could be raised.  While we are delighted that the horses have a home and are out of the feedlot, we have no guarantee that these horses will not end up back at an auction or worse.   This meant that we used the funds to rescue other horses.  We have, as of this writing, successfully rescued 4 horses.

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Known only by a number pasted on her hip, she waits...

So here are CVHR’s Auction Fundraising Rules:

  1. As much as possible, fundraising will be done in advance of auction.  Once we have a reasonable amount in the fund, we will pick a horse to support and fundraise for the rest.
  2. I have to have room & funds here for the horse for 2-3 months which is the average period of time a horse spends here.  Some have been here for a year or more and some are adopted out right after QT but I have found that it averages out at 2-3 months.
  3. Donations to this fund will be used to save an at-risk horse from Camelot or some other auction/feedlot.  I cannot guarantee that any specific horse will be saved although I do my best.  If you are interested in saving a particular horse, consider purchasing it privately from Camelot.
  4. I will do my best to give timely updates on the amount that we have raised and the amount that we still need.  Once a horse has been bailed, I will publish a list of donors and amounts as well as the total costs involved with each horse.
  5. All horses that are adopted from CVHR have an adoption fee.  They are also protected by a contract that keeps them from ever ending up back on death row.   I try my best to keep the fees reasonable and it is much less than the cost of purchasing a horse at Camelot and having it shipped.  These adoption fees are used to buy hay, grain and pay vet bills.

We can only save these horses with your help

You can donate in one of two ways.  You can make a single donation as many times as you like and in any amount that you choose.  All sized donations are appreciated from $2 to $2000.    We get a lot more $2 -10 donations and they add up quickly.

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  1. Melanie McDonald says:

    I am so sorry I found this article a little too late. Please contact me if there is any way i can help a horse from slaughter. I have a small farm, but I am willing to help in anyway I can. Please call me to talk about possibilities.
    Melanie McDonald
    White Stone, VA.

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