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We need your help!  Right now, our expenses are about $1590 per month to care for the rescue horses.  Monthly sponsors help to defray these costs and to support the horses that are in our care.  Right now, we receive under $500 in monthly sponsorships.  In order to help our adoptable horses find their forever homes, we have reduced our adoption fees and these no longer cover the horse’s expenses.  You can help by sponsoring a horse or if you can’t commit to a monthly payment, you can make a one time donation with the paypal button on the right.


Rosebud and founder, Cindy Smith

Rosebud is a twenty something year old mule.  She originally was an Amish draft mule until she came to Virginia.  We got her at an auction for $50.  She was a bag of bones.

Rosebud eats only senior feed and beet pulp.  She no longer has teeth to chew grass and hay.  She gets fed 4 times a day to maintain her lovely figure.

Rosebud is pretty much a fixture here at the rescue and our schedule revolves around hers. And she would not have it any other way.  Rosebud even has her own facebook page Rosebud Rules

Rosebud Sponsorship

Rosebud’s Sponsors
Jamie Gazzana
Sarah Vanderhoof
Lexie Brokenborough


Thank you to everyone who sponsors one of our horses, no matter how large or small your donations are, they are a huge help in keeping our horses safe.  Without your help, CVHR would not be able to offer these horses a home!

6 Responses to Horses

  1. patricia j. stapleton says:

    I will be moving to the lynchburg area soon – I hope. I am happy to hear about your rescue operation because I will be looking to adopt another horse.

  2. Debbie says:

    You recently purchased a black gelding, he was the last horse to be rescued, from Camelot Feed Lot. Will he be available? I’ve mentioned him to a couple of fellow boarders looking for a nice QH type gelding.
    I’ll keep checking to find him on your website.
    Thank you!

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi Debbie, One of the people who donated to save him, decided she wanted to adopt him. We got her application approved and so he is already in his new home.

  4. Honor Mindnich says:

    WEll how is that handsome boy with the vison disturbances Cindy? FYI , I am NOT an eventer…and I really don’t know where that came from…so any horse that I would be rescueing would NOT be going to an eventing barn. Whoever started that classification for me needs to be thanked because I am not that skilled a rider and eventers , in my book, do it all. Wish I could ride like an eventer!!!! In any event, I am just wondering how he is doing…he is Set as Background on my computer so he is the first lovely face I see every morning!!!!

  5. Mariellen DeFort says:

    How are the mini girls doing???

  6. Cindy says:

    Mariellen, they are doing fine. They are in adjoining stalls and are making some progress towards being friendly. They will both take treats now which is a major milestone. When they got here, you couldn’t even catch them in the stall. They do not appear to be halter broken. I am pretty sure that I would not want to hitch them up to anything at their current level of training. They are very bonded to each other though.

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