Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you for your support.  Since Central Virginia Horse Rescue became a 501(c)3, we depend on the public to support our rescue efforts.  Your donation makes it possible for us to not only bring horses into the Rescue but also to provide top quality care for them while they are here.

Our sponsors are very special people and we depend on them in order to care for the horses.  Your monthly donations go to buy feed, supplements, and pay for vet bills and farrier fees.  You make it possible for us to care for the horses.


As we grow, we have many unfulfilled goals but with your help we will surpass them all!  Our current goals are:

  • Repair & replace 2000 ft of fencing
  • Put in a well and automatic waterers so that our horses will always have fresh water.
  • Start a Gelding Fund to help Central VA horse owners to geld their colts.
  • Start a haybank to provide emergency hay and feed to horse owners in financial straights.
  • Hire a trainer to work with training and retraining our horses.
We would especially like to thank the following organizations for grants.  
Pet Smart Charities  for our GFAS Verification compliance grant.
One Horse At A Time  for 5 Gelding Grants.

3 Responses to Thank You

  1. Karen says:

    I made a $10 donation to help train 6 horse and the perk was to watch a day of training. When and what time is this? Looking forward to this

    Karen Griffin

  2. Our charity, Saving Baby Equine Charity, has been following Lenore since first seeing the head on shot of her in full bloom! I posted that picture and subsequent ones at both our rescue’s FB page and also on my book’s FB page Saving Baby – How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption My self-published true story of my experiences in Thoroughbred racing, leaving racing to start CANTER, resigning from CANTER to work toward informing people about horse slaughter and the need to end it, about the drugs and abuses in horseracing, and how to help the racehorses was picked up by a major NY publisher St. Martin’s Press and they are bringing it out in hard cover October 21. People can only demand change if they know WHAT needs to change. It is my hope that my true love story will be informative and inspiring. A portion of book sales help fund Saving Baby Equine Charity. Please visit our charity’s website for our mission statement and please visit and “like” our charity’s FB page and my book’s FB page. We really need to educate people and I became frustrated with being unable to make a difference with petitions, emails, letters, phone calls, and meeting with my legislators to end horse slaughter so I wrote the book never dreaming it would be picked up by a major publisher after being turned down 20 plus times before I self-published it! We commend you on the fantastic job your rescue does!!!

  3. Cindy says:

    Karen, I will let you know a schedule as soon as I have start times. You are welcome to come any day, Thursday through Sunday.

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